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FELV/FIV Negative Cattery.
*Veterinary inspected, approved and recommended*
All our breeding cats have been genetically tested negative and hence all and their kittens are free of Genetic diseases GSD 4 and PKDef and the Amber colouration.




I do not have any kittens available at
present but please keep checking back for updates

Kittens are available at Norgeskaukatt cattery

Tel: 07718 237079

"Available" : May have interest ~ but has not been secured with a deposit yet


"Reserved" : Has been visited/secured with a deposit


"Sold" : Is 100% decided on the family that he/she will be joining


" Under Assessment" : Is under assessment for potential breeding , but may become available

*We do not hold kittens without a deposit.*


Our terms for deposits are as follows:


1) Should the prospective owner change their mind on the Kitten/Cat after a deposit paid, then the deposit is non - refundable.


2) Should the breeder change their mind about the reservation and subsequent sale of a Kitten/cat then the deposit will be refunded in the manner it was paid, or an alternative Kitten/Cat will be offered. If it is decided a deposit will be refunded then you have three days to claim – after three days the offer is withdrawn and no refund will be given.


3) Should anything serious regarding the health of such Kitten/Cat during the time of reservation and before collection occur then either an alternative kitten will be offered or a full refund will be given in the manner it was paid

Please Beware!


Kittens being bred by "back street breeders" at discounted prices. These kittens however may not be the deal they appear to be as some of the kittens are un-vaccinated, underage and sold without  pedigree's.  I would strongly urge all prospective purchasers of all pedigree kittens to ensure that their kitten is healthy, at least 13 weeks of age, has had the full course of vaccinations, comes complete with a full pedigree and insurance, and has been bred and cared for by a knowledgeable & experienced breeder.

There are also cross breeds of Norwegian Forest Cats kittens, this is a definite NO in this breed. Norwegian Forest cats are natural breed - not man made -  they evolved naturally in Norway. Cross breeding is  neither a forest cat or any other breed - it is a domestic moggie, and although moggies are lovely they do not command the prices a pedigree cat does because the breeding of them is no where near the same. Back street breeders are doing this to make quick profit with selling so called pedigree kittens at cheap prices. They are not paying out for stud fees , genetic testing, vaccinations & for parasite treatments and I doubt they are spending on good quality veterinary care and diet.

Responsible breeders do not sell kittens to be bred from by anyone unless they are specifically sold for that reason. Vaccinations are only administered at 9 weeks and 12 weeks of age therefore they should not be sold by anyone before they have had at least a week after their vaccinations to recover - hence the 13 weeks old time for them to go to their new homes.

Please take care when bringing a kitten into your home, if a kitten has runny eyes, nose or diarrhoea - walk away. These could lead to long term vet bills and potentially affect other cats in your household. Never buy a kitten because you feel sorry for it or want to 'rescue' it from it's current situation, this keeps bad breeders in business.

Please read the notes underneath before requesting one of our kittens





All our kittens are from exclusive bloodlines and the oldest bloodlines that we can possibly find in order to breed kittens that are as true to type as possible, producing large boning, good quality coats, gentle temperament and preserving the wild expression that Norwegian Forest Cats should have.


All of our kittens are raised in our home. They are all very special to us and they only go to homes that follow our philosophy of care.




Our kittens are sold to appropriate homes that show a lifetime commitment.


Our Kittens  leave us at  minimum 14  weeks old.



Our kittens  are registered with GCCF/FIFe or declared with the GCCF


All WHITE Kittens of Lunaraine bloodlines for BREEDING are BAER (Hearing) tested.



All kittens have a treatment programme  for endo and ecto parasites.


They are fully litter trained and well socialised


They are vaccinated, micro-chipped and insured for 4 weeks.

We can offer a 4 week free Insurance with Petplan or 5 week policy with Agria, although we do not recommend any particular company. Our recommendation is that you choose a company that will provide a lifetime cover at a price that you can afford, or indeed you should have a personal savings plan set up with regular payments or indeed organise with your veterinary a budget plan to cater for your pets needs.


All kittens come with a kitten pack which includes food, toys and diet sheet etc.


Before they are due to leave us they will be given a thorough health check by our veterinary surgeon who will then issue a Veterinary Health Certificate.


Breeding/show cats  will be furnished with GCCF/FIFe registration documentation and all kittens will have a  5 generation pedigree.


All kitten owners are expected to sign a contract with us to agree their future welfare, neutering at 9 months (unless told otherwise from breeder) and to provide a neutering certificate signed  by your vet if sold as pet/show and to promote responsible ownership (this contract is  based on the GCCF contract).


We provide  support and advice for the duration of the kittens lives.


Should any of our kitten owners have a change of circumstances whereby they can no longer provide for the kitten/cat then we ask for the kitten / cat to be returned to us.  


I will not allow any of our  kittens to be resold or re-homed and certainly not go to a rescue establishment.


This criteria is for the duration of the cats life.


All kittens sold as pets are registered on the non-active register which means that no progeny will be registered.


I do not sell our kittens with an option of breeding from them unless they are specifically sold for breeding purposes.


No Refunds given.


I promote Responsible Breeding and Kitten Ownership

Rescue Norwegian Forest Cats Sometimes Available


Sometimes , but NOT often we receive a Norwegian Forest Cat back to us. We stipulate in our kitten contracts that kittens that we have bred MUST be returned to us should an occassion occur that the owners can no longer care for them NOT to be sold on , rehomed or put into a Rescue Establishment.


Such examples can be :

Change in family circumstances may call for moving home, possibly to rented property that stipulate no pets.

Change in financial circumstances.

Illness or Death in the family.

Expensive ongoing medical treatment.

Behavioural problems including inappropriate soiling, the cat may be unmanageable for several reasons.

A cat has become lost or stolen, resulting in walking the streets.

& thankfully very rarely there may be cats needing a home due to neglect, abuse or abandonment.


All these are very real reasons why sometimes a Norwegian Forest Cat may need a new home and for us whatever the reason as their breeder I will always act in the best interests of the cats welfare.








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