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Choosing a kitten 

So you have decided you would like to share your life with a Norwegian Forest Kitten and be responsible for it throughout its lifetime. Your commitment could last 15 yrs or longer. This is a serious undertaking and one that should not be taken lightly.




The Norwegian forest cat is characterised above all by its unique charm and character and has a particularly pronounced social behaviour. They love being social and are particularly people-oriented. Contact with others is important to them, so they should not be kept alone.


Norwegian forest cats have a strong urge to move and are very communicative, want to take part in everything and get involved everywhere.


The Norwegian Forest Cat is characterized above all by its enchanting character, is very people-oriented and loves well behaved and respectful children and can be easily combined with certain breeds of placid dogs.


The Norwegians need a lot of attention and prefer to cuddle with their people &/or their fellow furry companions.


An everyday life is usually not a problem for the Norwegian Forest Cat. They get used to all everyday noises and habits. When they want some peace and quiet, they will find a quiet corner to have a snooze in their favourite bed of choice.  



The Norwegian forest cat is also well suited as a purely indoor cat.


Since the Norwegians are very social, sociable cats, both with humans and with other cats, it is not always a good idea to keep them alone. It should be at least two.


If the possibility exists, it is nice if the cat has a safe outdoor enclosure, but  even keeping it in the house is okay if there is enough space to play and run around and, above all, there are opportunities for climbing and scratching.




Norwegian forest cats do not need special grooming; brushing and combing once a week is usually sufficient. Whilst they are kittens I recommend you do this alternate days to get the kitten used to the brush. It will make things a lot easier when they enjoy being brushed as an adult!  It is best to use one or various natural bristle brushes/ slicker brush and a fine-toothed combs for the head and cheeks.

When winter fur is shed in spring, you should use a comb and brush more often with the Norwegian forest cats.



Before approaching a breeder and asking to be considered for a kitten, ask yourself these questions:


Does everyone agree to a kitten moving in?


Does anyone have an allergy to animal hair?


Who cares for the animal? Who feeds?


Who takes care of grooming?


What do we do when we go on holiday or away on business?


Did we take all costs into account?


Then the initial equipment has to be purchased and you should always keep in mind that a cat can live for 15 years +


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