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Working for the preservation of the Original Norwegian Forest Cat


Welcome to our website


The Norwegian Forest Cat, or more correctly the Norsk Skogkatt, evolved naturally in Norway. It is known as Norway's National Cat.


We are breeders of Norwegian Forest Kittens, based on the border of England and Scotland , UK 


We own, exhibit & breed the  Norwegian Forest Cat & Kittens under the auspices of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and the world renowned FIFe since 2003.

We are now in our 20th year of preserving the Norwegian Forest Cat, having bred Pyrnean Mountain Dogs, shown and worked Labrador Retrievers and worked our Dairy farm prior to this. Maintaining the traditional type, old bloodlines,  good animal health and welfare is paramount to us.


We are passionate about ensuring that we preserve the traditional look & the old bloodlines of the Norwegian Forest Cat.


Our bloodlines are some of the oldest and rarest in the world, being closest to the original (novice) bloodlines being bred in the 1970's

Kittens Available 

~ updated 20th January 2024 ~


Please click on the photo of  Lunaraine Harley to enter the website

Thank you to his owners for this lovely photo

Norwegian Forest Cat

Thank you for this great photo of Lunaraine Vidarr (Buster)

He is busy exploring on his harness


Norwegian Forest Cats/Kittens are easily trained on a harness.

Makes the outdoors accessable, safe and a great bonding tool for you and your cat/kitten

They love it !

Norwegian Forest Cat

Gunnar av Else's Legacy enjoying his time on his harness 


Click the Facebook icon to connect to the Lunaraine Craft group where I design and make bespoke pet beds and toys all for the comfort of your pet 

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Tel: 07801 583093
Dumfries and Galloway, SCOTLAND

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Breeders of Norwegian Forest Kittens Cats 2003 - 2024

Our Forest Cats are raw fed please ask for details :-)

norwegian forest cat , raw feeding
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